The Removalists

‘The Removalists’ is a fresh, warm and very funny take on the home-focused reality TV show model; Three stand up comedians help people move out of their home and they then set up a comedy club in the living room for their friends, family and neighbours as a cool way of saying goodbye. It’s essentially a vehicle for live stand up comedy, but because it follows the comedians as they rummage through the belongings and lives of these ordinary people it sets up a stronger context for the live show, and helps the audience get to know the comedians before they perform. Something that straight live stand up shows lack. When the house or dwelling is empty the living room, or most optimal space is turned into a comedy club and the live show begins. Solid stand up from the comedians, as well as a show and tell section for some of the stranger items we found during the move will make for an enjoyable farewell for the house.

Starring Jacques Barrett, and featuring Rebecca De Unamuno and Cam Knight ‘The Removalists’ is exciting new laugh explosion and takes the home renovation format to a whole new level.