Month: June 2017



Amazon Entertainment is proud to release the first trailer for the feature film MUSCLECAR.

A release date for the film has yet to be finalised until we secure distribution. We have started entering our film in a broad

list of horror and genre film festivals as we look to take Dwayne Labbe’s directorial debut to the public. MUSCLECAR’s

heritage lies in the long and illustrious list of Australian made films that Quentin Tarantino referred to as ‘Ozploitation’

to characterise the genre





The Removalists

It’s comedy in your living room, literally.

Moving house is one of the most stressful things we have to endure and for most of us its something we all hate doing. So take a modern everyday family and see what happens when a bunch of well known comedians turn up to move their stuff. Welcome to ‘The Removalists’ a fresh, warm and funny take on the home-focused reality TV genre.

The program is hosted by stand-up comedian Jacques Barrett and in each episode Jacques is joined by two of his friends that he’s roped into help moving house. The cool thing is that at the end of the move our comedians will set up a comedy club inside the house so their friends, family and neighbours can celebrate saying goodbye.

‘The Removalists’ is more than just a comedy show, it’s a show about families, their memories, their friends and neighbours and its about new beginnings.

The program features solid stand up performances, from our comedians, and is an exciting new laugh explosion and takes the reality comedy format to a whole new level.