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MUSCLECAR Festival Success



Amazon Entertainment is proud to announce that MUSCLECAR has been selected to screen at three film festivals for 2017.

Our World Premiere will take place in Melbourne on November the 2nd as part of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. The festival is one of Australia’s longest running horror genre film festivals and its an honour for us to be? making our debut as part? of the festival. Tickets can be purchased for the event via the website and the venue is the very trendy

Our second screening will be in Sydney as part of the ‘A Night of Horror Film Festival’ at the Dendy in Newtown. This will be MUSCLECAR’s first screening in NSW. Information about the festival and its program of films can be found at

We are proud to announce that MUSCLECAR has been nominated in the category of Best Horror Film as part of the Genre celebration Film Festival in Shanghai China.

MUSCLECAR’s heritage lies in the long and illustrious list of Australian made films that Quentin Tarantino referred to as ‘Ozploitation’. A Night of Horror Film Festival recently said that “MUSCLECAR is the best unabashedly Ozploitation flick the festival?s programmers have seen in years”.

More information about the Musclecar will be posted via the Amazon entertainment website and the Musclecar movie website.





The Removalists

Amazon Entertainments Aaran Creece and long time friend Jacques Barrett are working together on a new series entitled The Removalists. Jacques who is represented by A-List talent management in Sydney have been developing the format for over 12 months now.

The idea came as a way in which Jacques, a stand up comedian with over fifteen years of experience thought of a unique way to introduce audiences to comedians. According to Jacques, comedians have a lot of spare time during the day. So why not put them to work moving house as a way of making some extra money.

The reality is that moving house is one of the most stressful and emotional times in peoples lives and its something we all experience at one time or another. So why not take a modern everyday family and see what happens when a three stand up comedians turn up to move their junk.

Welcome to ‘The Removalists’ a fresh, warm and funny take on the home-focused reality TV genre.

Each episode host Jacques is joined by two of his stand up buddies that he’s convinced to help him move house. The cool thing is that at the end of the move our comedians will set up a comedy club inside the house so there friends, family and neighbours can celebrate saying goodbye.

‘The Removalists’ is more than just a comedy show, it’s a show about families, their memories, their friends and neighbours and its about new beginnings.

The program features solid stand up performances from our comedians?and is an exciting new laugh explosion that takes the reality comedy format to a whole new level.

It’s comedy in your living room, literally.

October 2017