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What We Do


Telling Australian stories that are yet to be told from a genre perspective.?Amazon Entertainment was forged with two things firmly in mind ?creating incomparable artistic and commercially engaging productions that spotlight stories unique to the Australian experience.

We also believe that a story well told has its own way of telling it. Thus our vision takes us to exploring the many avenues available to tell stories from Television to the Silver Screen via features, tele-pays and documentaries.

As our logo implies with humour, we are about bringing seemingly disparate elements and forming something entirely new. This philosophy runs through our company bringing artists of different crafts together to unite around a unique vision and taking that to another level.

We aim to be a leading production company that entertains by bringing an Australian artistic sensibility that unites us all.

Program Development

Like all production houses we look to develop new and fresh ideas. We are always open to meeting with teams or individuals looking to get their ideas up and running. Read More

Mobile Website

We are ready to make content for all platforms, medium's and devices.  

Our Creative Genius In The Background

Clinton Rocksmith at Titanium tech has helped us develop this site through Wordpress  


Amazon has just created its first comedy TV series entitled 'The Removalists'

'The Removalists' is an original series created by stand up comedian Jacques Barrett and Producer Director Aaran Creece along with Marcus Arruzza at Shoreline Media. Its a reality series about comedians who help families move house before putting on a live comedy show for friends, neighbours and family as a way of celebrating and saying adios.

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